The UFC president spoke out about Jon Jones’ ultimatum

UFC President, Dana White, commented on the news that current UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, insisted on removing a welterweight title fight from the UFC 295 event card because he flatly refused to fight his former college roommate Colby Covington on the same day.

Jones had previously been reported by Covington to have given the UFC an ultimatum, but according to the head of the organization, “Chaos” is a far less significant irritant to the UFC champion than one of his former rivals.

“What’s John’s problem with Colby Covington? Apparently Colby talks crap about him, like he talks crap about everybody on Earth?” the head of the organization said at a press conference in Las Vegas. “So John didn’t say that, but Colby claimed he did? That’s yellow press news.”

“No, it didn’t happen. I suppose, one way or another, John didn’t give a damn about it. The only person John really hated and said bad things about him was Daniel Cormier. Other than that, I never noticed anything like that about him. So yeah, it’s not true.”

As a reminder, the main event of UFC 295, which takes place on November 11 in New York City, will be a fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic, and Colby Covington is scheduled to challenge current UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards before the end of the year.