The tongue-tied fighter accused Ortiz of using steroids. Now he’s being threatened with a lawsuit


Outrageous and talkative American welterweight Blair Cobbs (16-1-1, 10 KOs) accused his compatriot and division colleague Virgil Ortiz (19-0, 19 KOs) of using illegal drugs. Now the puncher’s representative demands that the tongue-tied boxer either drop the charges, or try to prove his words in the courtroom.

In March last year, Ortiz was hospitalized, his fight with Michael McKinson was derailed. The American was diagnosed rhabdomyolysis. Cobbs believes that “this disease is often a side effect of being on steroids. And I think why is he so explosive and powerful.

Blair even stated that he was ready to bet 100 thousand USD that Virgil is a cheater. Cobbs, it turns out, is “ready to beat the shit out of Ortiz, but he must first pass all the tests, because many suspect him of cheating.”

Lawyer Jose Escovedo Weintraub Tobin Law Firm protects the interests of Ortiz. He sent a letter to Cobbs: “We are writing to you in response to your slander against our client. You allowed yourself harsh attacks, having no evidence on hand and knowing firsthand about the doping tests from VADA, which you yourself are undergoing. And you did it repeatedly – accused of doping, called a “dirty” boxer. You’ve gone so far as to even offer a $100,000 bet. We understand that trash talk is a part of boxing. But don’t confuse trash talk and defamation.”

Escovedo offers Cobbs two options – publicly drop the charges or try to prove his case in court. The talker has already been given a deadline – and it expires today.

If the case goes to court, Ortiz’s side will seek more than $100,000 from Cobbs for defamation (plus legal fees).

Escovedo requires Cobbs to publish a refutation, stating that he did not have any evidence and does not have it. Ortiz’s team suspects that “a third party shared false information with Blair about Virgil’s use of illegal drugs. And if so, then Cobbs should name the ‘informant’.”

The lawyer invites the talker to state that “he was simply seeking a fight with his ward and in such an absurd way he tried to create a sensation around the event and provoke Virgil into accepting the challenge.”

Looking for rebuttals?

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