“The strongest puncher in the world of boxing.” Coach Beterbiev – about Yard, Bivol and his fighter


The coach of the unified IBF / WBC / WBO light heavyweight champion (up to 79.4 kg) Canadian Artur Beterbiev (19-0, 19 KOs) Mark Ramsey gave
interview for a news portal from Britain after the victory of the ward over the British challenger Anthony Yarde (23-3, 22 KOs).

The mentor commented on the disturbing moments in the fight, outlined the plan for the last fight, spoke about the desired battle for the title of absolute champion against the WBA Super title holder Russian Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) and spoke about Arthur.

Report from vRINGe: Beterbiev Yard. Fireworks in London

– Were there moments in the fight when, perhaps, victory could have gone away from you?

– Yes and no. The thing is, we knew before the fight that Anthony Yarde is the type of boxer who generates a lot of power, especially from the first to the sixth rounds. And he has such a tendency that he loses a lot of energy. So we started the fight very slowly, making sure we didn’t get cut from a stupid punch. Just good defense and boxing. Even if we lose a few rounds, don’t panic. We knew that at one point we would return him in the time zone in which we want – in the second part of the fight. It’s a pro fight, it’s 12 rounds, it’s not a sprint, and we knew that at one point we’d catch him and just finish the fight.

– Everyone asks you, what do you think will happen next? Arthur made it clear that there is another belt.

“Of course we want this fight with Bivol. It’s not about Bivol, it’s not personal, it’s just that he has the last belt that we want. This is the fight we want. No other.

It’s time to beat Beterbiev – ex-champion and contender from Britain

– Not interested in Canelo if he suddenly decides to meet with Beterbiev?

It’s different with Arthur. A lot of fighters fight for money or that’s what they aim for. Arthur’s issue is not about money. He wants this title. It’s not a matter of how many millions he’ll make or anything like that, we just want that belt.

– He is 38 years old, how long do you think he will be in his place, how many more fights would you like him to go through?

– We will see. Right now we’re taking one fight at a time. He was very disciplined all these years, never drank alcohol in his life, never went out to have fun. He’s just focused on being a professional boxer and he takes care of his family. And right now he’s earning the income from all those disciplined years. At 38, he can still perform at a very, very high level. We haven’t seen any sort of slowdown in his metabolism yet.

I noticed that he was constantly praying. If he doesn’t speak, his lips move. I assume you know this since you’ve been with him for a long time.

– Oh sure. You know what? There are two Arthurs. The one you see when he fights and the one that goes through it all. This is a man who jokes a lot, he has a great sense of humor. It’s funny when he’s around. But when it’s time to fight, it’s time to fight.

Such a Yard would have knocked out Kovalev, and Beterbiev “played a possum” – observers

– Do you think that the fans are greatly mistaken because they call him a monster, an intimidating fighter? In fact, he is a humble, quiet person who just does his job. This is true?

– Of course. As a person, he is a great person. Even if you ask him, he will tell you that he would choose to do something else. He doesn’t want to hit people, he doesn’t like it. But that’s what he feeds his family with.

Is Beterbiev the hardest hitting puncher in today’s boxing world?

“I think there is no doubt about that. Nobody did what he did. It’s not just about the knockout percentage. He is also able to generate power in all hits, not just one hit. And he does it every round. He can shake in the first round and in the twelfth, as he did in the IBF title fight. He generates power throughout the fight.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162303-silneyshiy-pancher-v-miretrener-beterbieva-o-yarde-bivole.htm?rand=141343