The Russian League offered a contract to Francis Ngannou

The Russian League offered a contract to Francis Ngannou

The head of the Hardcore Boxing league, Anatoly Sulyanov, is ready to pay Francis Ngannou a lot of money for one fight under the banner of his organization.

The Russian published a corresponding appeal to the former UFC heavyweight champion on a social network.

“We have good news today – Francis Ngannou has finally left the UFC,” Sulyanov said. “So, Francis, I have an offer for you – three million dollars for one fight in Hardcore Boxing on March 18 in Dubai against my heavyweight champion Soslan Asbarov. We have already sent the contract to your manager and we are waiting for a response from you guys. Let’s do that!”

UFC President Dana White today officially announced that Francis Ngannou has left the organization and left the championship belt vacant, which will be played by Jon Jones and Cyril Gun on March 4 at UFC 285 in Las Vegas.

Note that three weeks earlier, Sulyanov announced an event in Dubai, announcing that former UFC featherweight title holder Jose Aldo, as well as former world light heavyweight boxing champion Sergey Kovalev, could become participants in it.