The return of Joshua is postponed: the reason is named


Former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) was so annoyed that at the beginning of autumn it was not possible to agree on a megafight against Tyson Fury at the end of the year that he forgot everything and extended his rest period. In other words, he will return to the ring no earlier than the second half of March, said the head of Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn.

“When an opportunity like that with Fury flies by, you are a little, shall we say, annoyed. And now it’s already November, it turns out, and you’re like, “No, I’m probably not going to fight in December.” Then Christmas is coming, the holidays, and you – “no, I won’t box in January either.” Before you know it, it’s already February. And now you’re going to do a fight for March,” AJ’s promoter explained in a comment.

According to him, Joshua has been chilling in the Middle East for a long time, “he’s on vacation.”

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“Why is he only going to fight in March? Well, I just wanted to extend my vacation for a few weeks. Well, really. But he’s still focused and hungry, Eddie assures us. “Our plan, to be honest, is mid/late March.”

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