The reaction of the boxing public to the defeat of Jake Paul by Fury


On the night of February 26-27 in Saudi Arabia, the American celebrity of social networks and part-time professional boxer Jake Paul (6-1, 4 KOs) suffered his first defeat in his career in a fight against Briton Tommy Fury (9-0, 4 KOs).

Their instant reaction to what was happening shared: ex-heavyweight champion Tony Bellew, UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, ex-UFC champion in two categories Henry Cejudo, UFC welterweight Michael Chiesa, junior welterweight champion Regis Prograis, martial arts columnist Teddy Atlas, ex – Undisputed Lightweight Champion George Kambosos, Former Super Lightweight Champion Chris Algiery, Sportswriter Max Kellerman, Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, Former Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder, Winner’s Father John Fury, and Middleweight Fighter Liam Smith.

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Tony Bellew: “Tommy Fury wins. It’s crazy, we’ve all been watching the 8-round fight between a rookie and a YouTuber and you know what? We all paid for it too. But damn, these two showed amazing skills. Good night.”

Aljamain Sterling: “Jake Paul is actually not such a bad boxer. He is at a pretty decent level. Fury is not as polished as I thought. Maybe I am comparing him too much to Tyson Fury.”

Henry Cejudo: “I’m enjoying this fight more than I thought.”

Michael Chiesa: “This fight is a clown show. Badu (Jack) was supposed to be in charge.”

Regis Prograis: “What the f*ck is this referee doing?”

Teddy Atlas: “Who hired this referee?”

George Kambosos: “Great referee (laughs).”

Jake Paul – Tommy Fury: fight statistics

Chris Elgieri: “I’m actually pissed that I’m watching this dog shit on Sunday.”

Max Kellerman: “Jake Paul won round 3. Tommy Fury won the rest. Jake holds a punch well, has character, but in the eighth round he needs a knockout to win.”

Tyson Fury: “I think it was a fantastic fight, very spectacular. I was very happy with him. Tommy won 90% of the fight. What he was, he was – he took the victory. Now he is returning to the family.”

Deontay Wilder: “I think Jake won. That point that the referee took was taken prematurely. Jake needed that knockdown. The fight was given to Fury only because of the point taken. The referee should have warned at least three times. He never did it “.

John Fury: “Jake Paul put up a good fight. It was a great fight for the fans. Good fight in the desert. Let’s hope for more big fights in Saudi Arabia. Jake Paul did his part. There was a lot of pressure on Tommy. He was ready to change his name. He called “he’s 2 years old, everyone didn’t give him credit. But the result is there. Jake Paul is very good, he’s a tough guy, he did his part, but let’s do it again in Saudi Arabia.”

Teddy Atlas: “They got the winner right. Both fought hard and did well.”

Tommy Fury – Jake Paul. Video of the best moments of the fight

Chris Elgieri: “Okay. That’s who wins the boxing match. It’s almost weird that the one who deserves it wins. Plus, let’s not repeat that shit.”

Max Kellerman: “Jake Paul has never landed a clean right. Tommy has gone, evaded or partly received. Jake has landed some clean jabs and left hooks, but clearly not throwing left and right like he used to.”

Teddy Atlas: “If you do a rematch, just don’t invite that referee. Pay him and send him to retire.”

Liam Smith: “Two absolute rookies. Thank you f*ck the one who was classified as a boxer won. Drowned for Tommy because of the Fury name, but he needs to stay in that market with Jake and Logan Paul, KSI and such a plan of boxing dregs, and make a mountain of money.”