The reaction of Ismailov and Kharitonov to the defeat of Emelianenko

The reaction of Ismailov and Kharitonov to the defeat of Emelianenko

Former rivals of Alexander Emelianenko, Magomed Ismailov and Sergey Kharitonov, commented on another defeat of the heavyweight, who lost a split decision to blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko at the REN TV Fight Club tournament in a duel according to MMA rules.


“It’s a shame for Sasha, honestly. He must either quit or we will watch him fight with actors, bloggers, and show equal fights. Let’s be honest – two or three years ago, when Sasha fought me, he would have dealt with Svyatoslav with one jab. And now look at Sasha – he no longer has the power that he once had. On some of his last resources, he fought with me. He may not have been at his best, but he was still very good. Confronting me was his last shot. Sasha will no longer fight at a high level. Maybe in pop-MMA he will continue to earn money, fight, but, unfortunately, Sasha will no longer be able to return to his former condition.


“Honestly, I thought he would win by knockout. They just told me that he goes out with a blogger who is fifty or how many kilograms less than him. I thought that the guy would not be able to last, but I don’t know who Svyatoslav Kovaleno is. A separate decision of the judges with a kid who is 25-30 kilograms smaller than you, a blogger, with a guy who, by and large, has nothing to do with sports at all. What can I say? Scarecrow garden! A laughing stock! What has come to – bloggers *****. I’d rather not look. A drunken horse has brought himself to the point that this is just a disgrace, there are no words. Although Sasha was what he was, he remained like that, he just had health until the age of 30, and then he finished himself off ”