The manager of Islam Makhachev called allowed the use of droppers

The manager of Islam Makhachev called allowed the use of droppers

The situation with Islam Makhachev’s alleged anti-doping rule violation has become increasingly confusing after the fighter’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, made a controversial statement on the matter.

“For all the idiots, any fighter under the UFC banner can take 2-3 liters of saline intravenously if it is done by a nurse or a professional. I’ll expose everyone next week. Islam Makhachev is the king of the pound-for-pound rating,” Abdelaziz wrote on the social network.

Shortly after publication, this message was deleted, to which the well-known sportswriter Ariel Helwani reacted.

“He deleted this tweet because someone, I assume, told him that he was incriminating himself with this statement. You cannot take 2-3 liters of saline, whether it is done by a professional or anyone else. Only 100 milliliters in 12 hours. It’s a big difference,” the reporter wrote.

The situation is not clarified by the mass mailing of an email from the UFC, in which the organization reminded its fighters of the rules for the intravenous use of saline. Of particular interest is one of the points that a fighter can take more than 100 milliliters of saline in 12 hours as prescribed by a doctor, but this procedure, which is carried out by licensed medical personnel, calls into question the conduct of the fight, and in this case the fate of the fight is decided by the Athletic Commission, which operates at your discretion.

Last weekend at UFC 284 in Perth, Islam Makhachev successfully defended the UFC lightweight championship belt, defeating Alexander Volkanovski by unanimous decision, after which the Australian team announced that the Russian had violated anti-doping rules by using droppers to recover from the weight race.

The Russian side called these accusations nonsense, and Makhachev reminded his detractors of the responsibility for slander.