The legendary Marquez told what Valdez to do with Stevenson


Mexican and world boxing legend Juan Manuel Marquez is confident that his compatriot, current WBC 59 kg world champion Oscar Valdez (30-0, 23 KOs) is capable of winning the upcoming unification bout against American WBO champion Shakur Stevenson (17- 0, 9 KOs), which will take place this boxing weekend.

In conversation with
fight hub Juan Manuel shared his thoughts on exactly how to do this.

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“Shakur is a good fighter and Oscar Valdez is also good,” said Marquez. “It’s going to be a tough fight and I think Valdez has an opportunity to win. It won’t be easy because Stevenson is a tough fighter, but nothing is impossible in the ring.”

“Valdez needs to use his experience, move his body and attack Shakur’s body with combinations of punches, throw 4-5 punches, starting from the torso with a transfer to the head. And then change combinations, says Juan Manuel. – To get to Shakur’s body, Valdez needs to constantly set his body in motion. Stay ‘inside’ Stevenson’s defense.

Oscar Valdez – Shakur Stevenson: forecast for the fight on May 1

“This is a very difficult fight for Oscar,” says the legendary Mexican. “Maybe his coach, Eddie Reynoso, should work on his speed, Oscar’s speed and feet. Shakur is good in the middle of the ring and Valdez needs to work to get inside Shakur’s defense. Stevenson, on the other hand, will (strive) to stay at a distance in a strategic battle.