The IBF rating has been updated: Kovalev, Golub and Cherkashin are in the black, and Berinchyk is in the red


A new rating has been published in the “Ratings” section of our website International Boxing Federation (IBF). brings to the attention of readers the changes that have affected boxers from the post-Soviet space.

Heavy weight (over 90.7 kg)

Sergey Kovalev (Russia) moved up from 9th position to 8th

Average weight (up to 72.6 kg)

Andrei Mikhailovich (Russia / New Zealand) moved up from 13th to 11th

Marten Arsumanyan (Armenia / Germany) moved down from 11th to 12th

Fedor Cherkashin (Ukraine / Poland) moved up from 15th position to 14th

Welterweight (up to 66.7 kg)

Ivan Golub (Ukraine) moved up from 7th position to 6th

David Avanesyan (Russia) moved up from 8th position to 7th

Shahram Giyasov (Uzbekistan) moved up from 9th position to 8th

Light weight (up to 61.2 kg)

Denis Berinchik (Ukraine) moved down from 9th position to 12th

Second featherweight (up to 59 kg)

Shavkatjon Rakhimov (Tajikistan), who occupied the 1st position, became the world champion


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