The grinds have begun. Amir Khan is angry and may return to the ring


British-Pakistani former bi-divisional champion Amir Khan (34-6, 21 KOs), who retired from boxing at the start of the year after losing to Kell Brook in February, warned undefeated middleweight prospect Hamza Shiraz (17-0, 13 KO). He, he said, “talked nonsense” about something about him while working with his uncle Taz Khan.

The veteran says he doesn’t care, but spent several minutes in the interview talking about it.

“You know when there’s this dude who doesn’t respect you? No matter what you say or do, bad things are constantly being said about you behind your back,” Khan said.
Boxing Social. – I’m not interested. I support all young fighters, especially Asians, our brothers. But among them there is only one such. And when an Asian fighter keeps talking shit about you, I’m like, “Hey dude. what the hell is that?” It’s sad to see this. And this despite the fact that my uncle works with him. I’m a little confused.”

Amir fumes, says that he “opened so many doors for them,” and then it becomes clear where all this gossip comes from: there seem to be family graters.

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“My uncle had no idea about boxing until I brought him to America, got him to meet people like Freddie Roach, and the respect he got then in boxing is due to me. But these people forget about it,” he said.

Khan doubts that Hamza will dare to repeat everything he said to him personally. But he warns the 23-year-old middleweight that even as a retired man, he doesn’t mind settling their conflict the old-school way.

“They will never tell you that to your face. As soon as I said that I was retired, people like this Shiraz left the collective farm and started talking nonsense. Who the hell are you anyway? Bro, I’m still a man. I retired not from everything in life. If I have to, I’ll kick you in the head,” summed up Amir.

In the summer, promoter Frank Warren introduced “a new future boxing star” – that same Shiraz. A few days after that, he beat Torres, although both fell: here is the video. At the end of autumn, a couple of days ago, Hamza quickly beat his compatriot Rivera Wilson-Bent.