The greatest transformation of a fighter in boxing? Bellew has an answer


Former world champion and current boxing columnist Tony Bellew admitted that he was shocked to see the transformation of compatriot heavyweight Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs).

Bellew not hidesthat he did not expect this even in his wildest dreams: “Since Fury went to Sugar Hill, his style has changed completely. He is no longer a fighter with pillows on his hands instead of gloves. He developed into a hard-hitting, aggressive counter-puncher. He completely absorbed the style The Kronk hall. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest transformations of a fighter that I have ever seen. I’m telling you honestly.”

In 2019, Fury unexpectedly got into trouble with the Swedish middle man Otto Wallin, after which he decided to go to Hill – before that he was coached by Ben Davison. In the first fight under the guidance of a new mentor, the Briton destroyed Wilder and took away the WBC title.

“I didn’t believe that Fury would ever become stylistically what he became. I was sure that he would always be a huge, uncomfortable heavyweight, to fight with which – a real nightmare. And you know what? He is still a huge and uncomfortable heavyweight, but now he is also dangerous – he seems to have pulled the string of his bow tighter. I consider him a great fighter,” Bellew does not hide his delight.

Meanwhile, Fury is negotiating with Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk – they plan to determine the absolute division champion in the spring. The negotiations are going hard. The Briton said the other day: “No result.” Former division leader Anthony Joshua was asked about this fight: an unusual heavyweight reaction.