The fight between Alex Pereira and Jamal Hill was organized at the last minute

The bantamweight title fight between Alex Pereira and Jamal Hill was organized a day before the head of the world’s strongest league, Dana White, officially announced it as the main event of the UFC 300 anniversary tournament.

“Everybody wanted to be in the UFC 300 tournament, but it wasn’t on my radar until yesterday,” Hill said in an interview with Aaron Bronsteter shortly after the fight was officially announced. “I’m not going to lie. They called me and outlined the situation and the situation was that they wanted a main event fight. They had some plans, but in the end they decided it had to be me and Alex.”

The former champion’s version of the story is also confirmed by the current UFC titleholder.

“We were negotiating to have this fight in Brazil, but then they came up with the idea to move it and do it a little bit earlier, at UFC 300,” the Brazilian said in a video published on his Youtube channel.

A day earlier, Alex Pereira said he would be ready to headline UFC 301 in Rio de Janeiro on May 4 if he defeats Jamal Hill on April 13 at UFC 300 in Las Vegas and comes out of the fight uninjured.