The fellow heavyweight doesn’t believe in Froch. Ready to bet £200,000 on Jake Paul


British veteran heavyweight Derek Chisora ​​believes YouTuber Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) will beat former world super middleweight champion Carl “Cobra” Froch (33-2, 24 KOs) if the two ever enter the ring . He says that he is confident in his forecast and is ready to confirm it with a powerful amount of money.

“Good luck to Jake. This guy believes that he can do anything, and when you are at such a young age, you believe that you can do anything,” Chisora ​​said.
iFL TV. “He knows how to entertain people, and those who say all sorts of nonsense about him cannot do this, so they whine.”

It is not known whether the 26-year-old American YouTuber Chisora ​​paid for these praises, or Froch once annoyed him somewhere, or the veteran says it all from the bottom of his heart, but the fact remains: Derek does not believe in the success of his compatriot.

Chisora ​​appreciated the fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul

“There is nothing wrong. Froch has to go out, get some cheers and collect his check. Paul will beat Froch. He will tear out the fangs of this cobra. I’ll bet you £200,000 that Carl’s ass will be dealt with. I’m 100% serious. Froch will get his ass kicked,” Derek assures.

Or was it Froch who asked him to advertise a potential fight?

The day before yesterday, Jake said he would give Karl a fight if he went up against former UFC champ Anderson Silva on the undercard of his fight this weekend (with Tommy Fury).