The expert estimated the chances of Lomachenko to beat Haney


Ex-coach and ex-commentator ESPN boxing expert Teddy Atlas assessed the chances of Ukrainian veteran Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) to take the title of undisputed lightweight champion from American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs).

“This is going to be a very tough fight for Loma,”
sure Atlas. – If the fight, of course, takes place. It looks like it will. Haney was forced to leave Eddie Hearn and sign with Top Rankto get a fight with George Kambosos and the opportunity to become the undisputed world champion. Now he is on the same team with Lomachenko. So the chances of seeing this fight are very high.”

Atlas guest Ken Rideout believes even less in the chances of the Ukrainian: “Did you notice the difference in anthropometry between Lomachenko and Haney? Vasily even joked about it. Says, “Devin, are you sure you’re a lightweight?” Haney looked huge against the background of Lomachenko. He looked like 77 kg.”

Atlas: “I know it’s bigger. But in this weight, more and more Lomachenko. After all, he started his career at featherweight, and then twice rose higher. Don’t forget about it. Let’s just say Haney is actually very beefy. And he’s just bigger, bigger. But Lomachenko is not just good. He believes he can beat him.”

According to Atlas, “Haney is not Jemaine Ortiz. Unlike him, he knows what and when to do in the final rounds. I think it was precisely this knowledge, this experience that Jemaine lacked in the fight with Lomachenko. Plus an advantage in anthropometry and the ability to control the course of the battle from a long distance. This is a tough fight, and a very tough one. And you know what? This will be a good fight. I think it will take place. It will be interesting, but terribly hard for Loma. Although… It’s going to be a tough fight for both.”

“I love Loma very much,” says Atlas. – But if he really wants to go to the top fighter, then let him hurry up. If so, then he should do it now. He cannot afford to wait, because time is not on his side. The clock is ticking…”

Do you also think that Lomachenko and Ortiz performed poorly on purpose? And here is the opinion of his manager Egis Klimas. The current boxing commentator and ex-world champion Timothy Bradley is confident that the Ukrainian will no longer be able to defeat Stevenson.