The boxing columnist gave Hearn and DAZN a hard time. He is right?


Outrageous British boxing columnist Simon Jordan walked hard on
streaming DAZN
and promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing), who works closely with the project.

The other day, streaming bosses spoke of colossal financial losses. Therefore, Jordan’s opinion is very relevant – in the past he is a successful entrepreneur and ex-owner of a football club. Crystal Palace (London).

“I think that in general DAZN is the original format. And this is another boxing ground, which is already good –
listed ex-entrepreneur pluses of streaming. “It’s not just a model. Not just a concept. The project has its own powerful advantages. First, the owner has more money than God. Secondly, I personally consider the appearance of boxing in the streaming format to be a very useful undertaking. But there’s a problem. Their concept is shit.

“Let me explain how it all works,” the reviewer continued. – Take for example Twitter. It never brought in fabulous money before, but was sold Elon Musk for 45 billion USD. It’s not just about profit. It is also in influence, the number of subscribers. It is from this that they are repelled when they build a business model. And every model like this needs time to start bearing fruit. So, from this point of view, the problem DAZN in weak content.

According to Jordan,DAZN offers too few fights, and their golden goose Anthony Joshua still doesn’t add up the price for himself – he arranged some hide and seek, is silent about the next fight and the opponent. All this points to some kind of decline. After all, they used to offer more. There used to be really good fights, but now there is almost nothing happening there. You look at all this and you have the impression that you are being fed a “snoring festival”. Considering that there has always been, is and will be interest in boxing, this, to be honest, is disappointing. And for Hearn, this is, perhaps, a disgrace at all.

Interestingly, heavyweight Dillian Whyte was almost talking about the same thing quite recently: he got a little raged, everyone got it – Joshua, Hearn, and even DAZN streaming.