The best boxer in the history of the sport? Carl Froch’s opinion


British boxing legend and contender for inclusion in International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) Carl Froch spoke about who he considers the greatest boxer in the history of this sport.

“As for me, Floyd Mayweather must be recognized as the best,”
reasoning “Cobra” Froch. “Just look at his track record, his record. He fought with all the strongest. He fought fighters like Miguel Cotto and Zab Judah. Fought with those who constantly won. And he beat them all. Take, for example, his fight against Canelo Alvarez. He was much bigger than Mayweather. But Floyd still agreed to this fight. And although it was not easy for him, he beat him.”

Froch believes that Mayweather should be recognized as the greatest, as “he fought the best of the best, constantly won and finished his career unbeaten with a record of 50-0.”

After completing his official career, Floyd moonlights with exhibition fights: he performed twice in Japan, fought in the USA with local YouTuber Logan Paul, boxed in the UAE with his ex-sparring partner.

On November 13, in Dubai (UAE), the veteran will box with another celebrity – a video blogger Deji. The event can be viewed online at
streaming DAZN

Recently, Mayweather threw on Canelo and said that the best fighters are black. Meanwhile, Rizin wants to bring Floyd to Diaz.