The Athletic Commission made a statement on the case of Islam Makhachev

The Athletic Commission made a statement on the case of Islam Makhachev

The Western Australian Athletic Commission, which regulated the UFC 284 tournament in Perth, issued an official statement regarding the accusations against Islam Makhachev, publicly voiced by the team of Alexander Volkanovski.

“The Western Australian Combat Sports Commission does not condone any form of fraud in the martial arts industry,” the commission said in a statement posted on social media and on the regulator’s official website. “The commission has a clear code and policy that is aligned with the World Anti-Doping Agency and prohibits the abuse of intravenous drips. The commission has no conclusive evidence that any of the UFC 284 athletes violated the rules of WADA or the commission.”

“The Commission has not received any complaints regarding any participant in UFC 284 and invites anyone with relevant information to contact us via email. Until someone contacts us with a complaint, or hard evidence is found, we are not going to investigate Makhachev.”

Last weekend at UFC 284 in Perth, Islam Makhachev successfully defended the UFC lightweight championship belt, defeating Alexander Volkanovski by unanimous decision, after which the Australian team announced that the Russian had violated anti-doping rules by using drips to recover from the weight race.

The Russian side called these accusations nonsense, and Makhachev called on the UFC and the Athletic Commission to look into the situation and punish the accusers for libel.