“Terrible painful beating.” Wilder’s coach doesn’t see Ruiz as a threat


Malik Scott, the coach of the American ex-world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs), has no doubt that their tandem will easily pass another ex-champion Andy Ruiz Jr. (35-2, 22 KOs) in the upcoming fight for the title of official contender for the WBC title.

According to Malik, his main task as a coach is to train the ward so that he strictly adheres to the plan. And then Ruiz won’t stand a chance.

“Andy Ruiz poses no threat to the disciplined Deontay Wilder. From what I noted and saw in Andy’s performance, he has problems with disciplined fighters, Scott says. “Ruiz’s only hope is that you give him a chance. But if you stick to the game plan, it’s easy to turn it off. He’s a good fighter, but we all have our loopholes, and Andy’s is that he can’t beat a disciplined fighter.”

Scott praised Joyce and nicely compared to Wilder

“When Joshua fought him for the first time, he wasn’t as disciplined as he was in his second fight. As soon as Anthony acted according to a systematic plan, there was nothing left of Ruiz, ”explains Malik. “Old Chris Arreola, under Joe Goossen, came into the fight with a plan and, in my opinion, beat Ruiz by two rounds. I have reviewed the record more than once and I remain of the opinion that Arreola won in two rounds. And certainly the gap was not as big as the judges counted.

“Andy Ruiz will go after Deontay, putting himself at risk every time. We’ll make it stretch ’cause we’re taller. And he will pay the highest price in his career for this, the coach promises. – A disciplined and systematized Wilder will deal with Ruiz without any problems. This does not mean that Andy is a bad fighter, not at all. But against Deontay with a game plan, hands in place, chin behind his left knee and the calm confidence that he will have big moments – it will be a beating, a terrible and painful beating.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161857-trener-uayldera-ne-schitaet-ruisa-ugrozoy.htm?rand=141343