Teofimo Lopez vs. Sandor Martin full fight video highlights


Watch Teofimo Lopez vs. Sandor Martin full fight video highlights from the Lopez vs. Martin main event, courtesy of Top Rank Boxing and other outlets.

Lopez vs. Martin took place Dec. 10 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Former unified lightweight world champion Teofimo Lopez (18-1) took on Spanish contender Sandor Martin (40-3) in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Catch the video highlights below.

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Round 1: Lopez comes out to center ring and tries a lead right to the body that falls short. Another right hand falls short for Lopez. Lopez misses on a third right hand aimed at the body. Lopez feints a few times now and tries to touch with a jab downstairs. Martin laying on the back foot and looking to counter early. Left hand lands up top for Lopez. Clash of heads but no cuts on either fighter. Right hand lands to the body for Lopez this time, who brings a second short one up top. Lopez 10-9.

Round 2: Lopez misses on a right hand aimed at the body. Lopez goes down on a check right hook by Martin and it’s ruled a KD but Lopez doesn’t like it, believing he slipped. Another check hook clips Lopez. Martin has a small cut on the bridge of his nose from the head clash in the last round. Lopez tries to jump in with a combination but can’t land it clean. Left and right hand miss for Lopez. Straight shot scores for Lopez. Martin 10-8, 19-18.

Round 3: Martin looks like he wants to continue playing the matador to the aggressive Lopez, that’s how he caught him coming in last round. Martin does have much more damage from the head clash than I originally noticed. Right hand from Lopez misses to the body and Lopez scores a counter right up top. Check hook comes from Martin as Lopez leaps in. Left hand lead lands clean for Martin. Both fighters trade hooks. Lopez misses on two shots up top. Right hand from Lopez lands up top. Now Martin lands his own right hand. I think Martin is having the fight he wants. Martin 10-9, 29-27.

Round 4: Lopez stalks forward and misses on a lead left hook. Ineffective combination comes from Lopez as he gets smothered by Martin. Right hand lands clean for Lopez to the head. Another right hand scores for Lopez. Double right hand comes from Lopez as Martin ties up. Right hook lands well to the body for Martin. Lopez lands a straight right to the body. Lopez 10-9, 37-38.

Round 5: Martin may be struggling with his breathing as his nose is busted mess from that first round head clash. They’re working with it as best they can in his corner. Right hand from Lopez falls short to the body. Right hand from Lopez grazes Martin upstairs this time. Two punches land pretty well as counters from Lopez. Right hook counter lands clean for Martin. Right hook lands again for Martin. Martin seems a little more tentative because of his labored breathing and it’s making Lopez look more like the boss. Lopez 10-9, 47-47.

Round 6: Martin leads this round with a couple of quick punches. Lopez charges forward behind a combination and makes some decent contact with a couple. Straight left comes from Martin that partially lands. Right hands to the body can’t find the mark for Lopez. Right hook lands a counter for Martin. Jab lands for Lopez. Martin warned for throwing a shot behind the head as he gets tied up with Lopez. Lopez attacks to the end the round. Lopez 10-9, 57-56.

Round 7: Counter lands to the body for Martin. Lopez goes down on a check hook as he rushes in but this time it’s ruled a slip. Counter right hook lands for Martin. Left hand lead scores for Martin. Left hand gets in for Martin as he lands before Lopez does. Martin lands a jab this time. Right hand from Lopez falls short. Martin 10-9, 66-66.

Round 8: Right hand for Lopez partially lands. Right hook lands for Martin. Another check hook scores for Martin. Lopez falls short on a jab. Lopez has been having a hard time finding his range all night. Right lands to the body for Martin. Martin tries a lead left as Lopez lands a right to the body. Two punch counter lands for Martin. Now Lopez lands a counter. Double jab lands for Martin, who catches Lopez off guard. Straight right to the body lands for Lopez. I slightly favor Martin’s boxing in this round. Martin 10-9, 76-75.

Round 9: Right hand lands to the body for Lopez. Counter right hand misses for Lopez this time. Counter left hook lands for Lopez. Lopez sticks another right hand downstairs. Lead left hook misses badly for Lopez. Left hand gets in for Lopez during an exchange. Jab scores for Lopez. Lopez 10-9, 85-85.

Round 10: Last round with the fight up for grabs on my card. Lopez’s corner not thrilled with his performance, asking him what’s wrong with him. Jab falls short for Lopez. Right hand from Lopez falls short. Right hand lands for Lopez to the body as he comes forward on Martin. Check right and a left lands down to the body for Martin. Counter jab lands clean for Martin. Right hand misses for Lopez. Check hook lands for Martin, who is sporting a bit of a smile. Now Martin lands a body shot. Check hook once again lands for Martin and Lopez wants to respond. Lopez gets caught in the ropes and Martin lands a shot that draws a warning. RIght hand lands for Lopez after the break. Another right lands for Lopez. I think Martin edged this round. Martin 10-9, giving him a 95-94 win on my unofficial card.

Official result: Teofimo Lopez def. Sandor Martin via split decision (95-94 Martin, 96-93 Lopez, 97-92 Lopez)

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