Teofimo Lopez vs. Pedro Campa full fight video highlights


Watch Teofimo Lopez vs. Pedro Campa full fight video highlights from the main event of Saturday’s Lopez vs. Campa event, courtesy of Top Rank Boxing and other outlets.

Lopez vs. Campa took place August 13 at Resorts World Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. Former unified lightweight world champion Teofimo Lopez (17-1) took on Pedro Campa (34-2-1) in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Catch the video highlights below.

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Round 1: Lopez comes out with a double jab that doesn’t land. Lopez sticks a jab to the body. Right hook partially lands for Lopez. Jab lands for Lopez back down to the body. Campas’s left hand is straight to his face. Campas throws some ineffective punches. Jab lands clean for Lopez. Counter right and a left hook lands for Lopez. Lopez 10-9.

Round 2: Lopez jabs to the body. Campas steps forward, and Lopez catches him with a hook. Both fighters trade jabs. Counter shots land for Lopez off the ropes. Campas now lands a right-hand but receives two in return. Lopez gets a clean jab. Campas now fires up a mixture and makes contact. Uppercut lands for Lopez. Campas follows him back and attempts a hook. Campas follows, but doesn’t find much significance. Lopez 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Lopez jabs to the body to start the round. Campas follows Lopez and tries to get to him with some jabs. Campas’ right hand wins. Lopez starts with a left hook and then adds a right-hand. Right hand lands over th etop as Campas momentarily staggers. Lopez lands right hand. Campas throws and Lopez smothers the punches. Campas scores a couple, while Lopez draws back straight. Right hand lead lands for Lopez, then a body shot followed by a short right to the head. Lopez showboats in the corner. Lopez 10-9, 30-27.

Round 4: Lopez lands a jab to the body. Left hook lands for Lopez this time but Campas walks through it and continues to come forward. Lopez misses the uppercut. Lopez gives a jab to the stomach. Campas lands right hand. Now Campas lands a couple more and Lopez smiles at him. Left to the body lands for Lopez. Now Lopez sticks a sharp jab up top. Lopez scores a series of punches at the end. Lopez 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Right hand lands to the body for Lopez this time to start the round. Lopez circles around the outside of his ring. Counter right lands well for Lopez. Lopez lands right-hand. Campas can throw a lot of punches, but only a few of them land. Lopez lands a clean jab. Campas throws a flurry but Lopez lands a couple of hard counters. Lopez 10-9, 50-45.

Round 6: Both fighters trade jabs to start the round. Campas misses on a hook upstairs. Both fighters trade hooks. Lopez tries a right hand and then grabs hold immediately afterwards. Jab lands to the the body and then to the head for Lopez. Right hook from Lopez makes contact up top. Jab lands clean for Lopez, then a left uppercut counter. Lopez dodges the combination of Campas and Lopez. Campas left eye is closing. Lopez 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Campas stalking and Lopez looking to line him up with a counter and does, dropping Campas with a left! Campas gets up and Lopez tags him with a left, now a right hook. Lopez turns southpaw for a moment and now goes back to orthodox and lands another left hands to the face. Lopez pulls off his greatest Emanuel Augustus impression, then walks up to Campas to hammer him with several power shots before the referee intervenes to end the fight. Lopez TKO-7.