Teddy Atlas and Golovkin’s trainer hint that Canelo is doping


Mexican superstar Saul Canelo Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) is not ready to forgive his Kazakh antagonist Gennady Golovkin (42-1-1, 37 KOs) for drug use charges.

September 17 in Las Vegas (USA) they will hold the third full-time fight. The fight will be for the title of undisputed super middleweight champion. The previous fights took place in the lower division. In September 2017, a controversial draw was recorded, and exactly 12 months later, Canelo won minimally. The rematch was supposed to take place earlier, but Alvarez got caught on clenbuterol. True, then he was acquitted on all counts – the conclusions of the laboratory.

Golovkin’s coach Jonathon Banks visited the flamboyant ex-colleague Teddy Atlas. That traditionally
tried to outplay the interlocutor in eloquence: “Does the preparation somehow affect the fact that Canelo is simply bigger? I don’t know how he got it. Maybe Mexico really does have that kind of beef and that kind of hamburgers. I dont know. No idea. But that’s not the point. How are you preparing for your super middleweight debut? Have any amendments been made?

“No,” Banks replies. “We’re getting ready as before.”

“Not to say that Canelo became just the same brutal puncher,” Atlas continued in the same vein. “But now he’s obviously bigger physically. Now he’s like a mountain of muscle. Let’s admit it. And he’s definitely gotten stronger. How did he achieve this? I repeat, I don’t know. But this is a fact. How will your preparation and strategy change with all this?”

“No way,” Banks stood his ground. “It doesn’t matter how strong the opponent is. Golovkin never had a problem with physically strong fighters, because he always gave them all a head start in pure strength. Believe me, this power has not gone anywhere. Yes, Gennady has spent his entire career at middleweight, and he has a super middleweight debut ahead of him. But personally, I don’t think it changes anything at all.”

During the same interview, Banks revealed what Golovkin needs to defeat Canelo. A little later, Alvarez announced the goal for the third fight with GGG. Then coach Canelo took the floor.