Suddenly! Crawford “blasted” the opposition of Spence – it turned out ridiculous


American welterweights Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) and Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) failed to agree on a face-to-face fight, but they could determine not only the unequivocal leader of the division, but, perhaps, the 1st numbers in the P4P rating.

The thing is that Crawford has more achievements (the conqueror of three weight divisions, the absolute champion at 63.5 kg), but at the same time he is inferior to Spence in the opposition level, and in the last fights he fought with fighters who had already been bits antagonist.

thinks otherwise. And his arguments are “slightly” strange: “I have more significant victories. These are Ricky Burns, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Julius Indongo, Jeff Horn, Kell Brook. These are all significant wins. First, they were all champions and some were multi-division champions. (actually only Burns – vRINGe). Now notice two things. The first is their achievements in boxing. The second is how confidently I beat them all. This is what I consider to be a significant moment.”

Crawford tried to compare his resume to Spence’s: “His iconic victories? I’d say it’s Brooke and Sean Porter. I know you’d rather add Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia and Yordenis Ugas. But let’s figure it out. Danny lost to everyone in this division, he has no significant victories. Mikey had never competed in this weight before. And Ugas was beaten up to Spence. It’s the same with Porter and Brook.”

“I don’t manipulate. These are the facts,” Crawford insists. – Many people say that my best victory is over small Gamboa. But for some reason everyone forgets that at the time of the fight he was the champion (interim WBA title, full champion was lower division – vRINGe). For some reason, everyone is silent about this. And for some reason, no one remembers that Gamboa did not return to “his” weight after this fight. You know, people talk a lot. For example, that Horn “robbed” Manny Pacquiao. Or that I’m fighting Spence’s leftovers. But before the fight with Porter, for some reason, everyone kept saying that I would lose to him. The same with Brook. They said that he was spent, but they bet on him.

Crawford says he won’t have any bitterness if he never manages to get a welterweight title fight: “Not at all. I know that I was aiming for it. And in general. I was already absolute. And after me, everyone seemed to break through – everyone wanted to repeat my achievement. And before that, for some reason, no one stuttered about taking all the belts. Only after me all seemed to break through. So believe me, if I fail to become an absolute at 66.7 kg, this will not upset me much. I was already an absolute, I already know the feeling. But Spence doesn’t know that. He doesn’t know what it’s like to be the only champion in his weight class.”

Crawford doesn’t consider Spence a division leader because “he doesn’t have The Ring and he doesn’t have a WBO title.”

Terence was angered by the question that not all fighters appreciate the belt from The Ring magazine: “Does Devin Haney not appreciate it? This is a lie!

In August, Haney scandalously abandoned The Ring magazine belt. Formally, he did not return it, but in a rematch with George Kambosos, he pointedly ignored this title – he did not even show it. On this occasion, the expert spoke amusingly: If it were not for the war in Ukraine, Haney would have continued to enjoy his “popcorn” belt.