Suddenly! Atlas believes Kambosos chances in rematch with Haney


In June in Melbourne (Australia), the local lightweight absolute George Kambosos Jr. (20-1, 10 KOs) lost all belts to the American Devin Haney (28-0, 15 KOs), but on October 16 he will have the right to return what he lost in a rematch.

Despite the fact that Kambosos disappointed with his performance in the first fight, he suddenly began to
praise expert Teddy Atlas: “I generally like this guy. Real fighter. He is slightly inferior to Devin in technique, speed and fighting IQ. Its feature is timing. And the timing can beat the speed. It was due to timing that he beat Teofimo Lopez. He even dropped Teofimo, because he calculated him and delivered his blow in time.

Atlas recalls that Haney is “not a puncher at all. He doesn’t have dynamite in his fists. He can catch clean, but he still won’t knock out. He is not Gervonta Davis. And he has his bad habits. At times he lifts his chin high. You can catch him on this. Kambosos can’t just go out and outbox Haney. He needs a different approach. That is why I think that in a rematch he will look better. Now he knows his mistakes. Now he reviewed the fight and realized that he should bet on timing. That you can’t let Haney dictate pace and distance. That you need to break his fight plan in the same way as they did with Lopez – due to timing.

Atlas recalls that “now again no one believes in the victory of Kambosos. And he is good as an underdog. It happens. He will review the fight. He will see where he needs to add, where he needs to act more decisively and actively. He is the type who accepts constructive criticism. He didn’t surround himself with people pouring in his ear: “You’re the best in the world since sandwiches and Coke were invented. (
reference to this ad)“. He will be ready for the job that no one likes – fighting his warts (i.e. work on the bugs). And due to this, he will have a better second fight. No, I still bet on Haney. But I think this time it will be much more difficult for him.”

In the meantime, the champion is already looking behind the contender: “Let’s look at Lomachenko after the war.” And who do you think is the favorite in the Haney-Lomachenko pair? Hold the opinion of Terence Crawford.