Stipe Miocic claimed he has a guaranteed fight for the July title against UFC 285 winner Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane


Stipe Miocic could be right back in the championship picture when he returns.

The two-time UFC heavyweight champion is not fighting since he lost the title to Francis Ngannou in March 2021,. However, he claims that the UFC told him that a challenger will be the winner of the UFC 285 vacant Heavyweight Title main event on Saturday between Jon Jones (Ciryl Gane) and Ciryl Gane.

“They said International Fight Week,” Miocic said in an interview with former rival Daniel Cormier. That’s all I was told .”


Miocic was the first to hold the heavyweight title. He did so after defeating Fabricio Werdum in round one. After setting the record at three for the most successful UFC heavyweight titles defenses, he lost it to Cormier before regaining the title in an instant match. To complete their trio, he defeated Cormier again.

With Jones recently committing to a heavyweight move, Miocic openly campaigned to be the fighter to welcome “Bones” to the division, but he says the timing never worked out to make that fight happen.

” I think there was miscommunication,” Miocic stated. “I was down for the fight, I just think they went in a different direction every time. There is nothing against UFC. They are trying to promote the fights. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my turn again. Only once I couldn’t fight, it was because my body wasn’t ready. I also had other things going on. Then I told them, “I cannot do it in 8 weeks. I can do it 12.’.” They replied, “No, it’s okay, we’re doing this.” It didn’t go as planned .”

Miocic was even taken off guard when Ngannou defended his title against Gane in January 2022 as opposed to taking a rematch with Miocic, even though the timing still wouldn’t have worked out.

“When Francis and Ciryl fought, they didn’t even ask if I wanted the fight,” Miocic said. It was not something I would have accepted because of having a baby. But what about you guys ?”


When asked for his prediction of the UFC 285 headliner’s fight, Miocic lean towards Gane. He prefers Gane’s footwork and size as a natural heavierweight.

But, if Miocic is correct, would he regret not being the one who hands Jones his first real loss?

“I would love to continue my legacy,” Miocic stated. But [either Jones or Gane] was a great fight and I will take whoever the winner is to beat that ass .”