Stevenson brought up racism in boxing: ‘We wouldn’t be allowed to do that’


The WBO world champion in the second featherweight (up to 59 kg) American Shakur Stevenson (17-0, 9 KOs) decided to follow the example of his older friend Terence Crawford and raise the issue of racial discrimination in boxing.

Stevenson recalled that Oscar Valdez (30-0, 23 KOs), with whom he will fight for unification of the titles this weekend, was admitted to the previous fight against Robson Conceição in September last year, even though both of his doping Pre-fight tests tested positive for phentermine.

(The fact is that the doping control for this fight was carried out according to the WADA charter, which, unlike VADA, allows the use of phentermine out of competition.)

“Well, I don’t agree with that. If it were me, I’m pretty sure they’d disqualify me or do some other crazy shit. He was given the green light, and I categorically disagree with that, – Shakur willingly stirs up the past. “I have a feeling they just like Valdez, which is why they let it happen. If I had been in his place or another boxer of our color (skin), we would not have been allowed to do this.

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