Stevenson beat Valdes in unification with one wicket: video


MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA. In the main fight of the evening, the best fighters of the second featherweight weight (up to 59 kg) met the undefeated world champions Oscar Valdez (30-1, 23 KO) from Mexico and Shakur Stevenson (18-0, 9 KO) from the USA. The expected victory, and with it the WBC and WBO titles, went to the local favorite.

Underdog started the fight with an aggressive first number. But he acted controversially: attempts to get closer to the high block were very convenient for Stevenson and his jab, so the American confidently controlled the distance, sometimes even combined, often disturbed the opponent’s body.

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But the Mexican had a good 3rd round: he quickly reduced the distance, (as the coach advised) shot more at the body, started attacks from the right straight lines, which surprised the favorite.

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To maintain such a pace, Valdez could not be expected. Both fouled beautifully: Stevenson resisted and pushed the opponent away with a jab, who in response grabbed his hand. The American often appealed to the referee. In the 5th three-minute period, the favorite beautifully caught the underdog on the approach, after which he worked as the first number. So far, no chance for Valdez.

In the 6th round, Stevenson failed the opponent and struck back – the Mexican fell, the referee recorded a knockdown (formally he had the right, although there is more loss of balance).


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Valdez’s face looked bad already towards the equator, he was nervous, nothing worked. Master Class. And Stevenson often hit below the belt. The Mexican earned a little more active after the equator, but managed to even out the course of the fight quite a bit. It is possible that the score is 8-1 in favor of Shakur (plus a knockdown).

The Mexican portrayed something remotely resembling an attempt to go all-in, but Stevenson interrupted him even in infighting. In the last seconds of the fight, Shakur pointedly turned on the bike.

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Oscar De La Hoya obviously read our preview.

Canelo Mayweather

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It was a master class. Judges score: 117-110, 118-109 and 118-109.

Stevenson UD 12.

The Olympic medalist of the Olympic Games-2020 lightweight (up to 61.2 kg) from the USA Kishon Davis (5-0, 4 KOs) has timed the Mexican
Esteban Sanchez (18-2, 8 KOs).

After the initial reconnaissance, Davis began to gradually disassemble the opponent, slowly increasing the advantage. Around the 5th round, the fight became completely one-sided.

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The Mexican was not going to capitulate, he steadfastly endured the missed blows. Their number became more and more, and in the 6th three-minute period the referee intervened.

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Davis TKO 6.