Stephen Thompson has turned down a fight with Ian Machado Garry

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson, who turned down a fight with failed featherweight prospect Michel Pereira three weeks ago, has turned down an offer from the league’s matchmakers to share the octagon with Ian Machado Garry at UFC 292 in Boston.

The announcement was made at a press conference after the event by UFC president, Dana White.

“Vanderboegh refused to fight Ian Garry tonight,” the organization’s leader stated.

The undefeated Ian Machado Garry was originally scheduled to fight Jeff Neil, however, the American pulled out of the fight due to health issues and his place on the card of the numbered event was taken by Neil Magny, who lost to the Irishman by unanimous decision over three rounds.

Last week, Dana White announced that if Stephen Thompson doesn’t want to return to the octagon anytime soon, they’ll reimburse him for the training camp he’s had. Apparently, the 40-year-old Vanderboegh didn’t find the idea of coming out on short notice to fight the undefeated 25-year-old Irish prospect appealing, and he declined the offer.