Spence was ordered to fight Ennis, but he has a loophole. And not alone


Unified welterweight champion American Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) is obliged to fight his IBF mandatory challenger compatriot Jaron Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs), otherwise he risks being left without a belt. About it
told challenger coach Derek Ennis’ father.

It is possible that the IBF decision will lead to the fact that the long-awaited fight between the owners of all division belts – Spence and his compatriot Terence Crawford – will not take place (or the title of the absolute world champion will not be at stake).

But first, at the beginning of next year, Ennis will fight Ukrainian Karen Chukhadzhyan for the title of interim IBF champion. Derek explains the situation: “Jaron was the mandatory challenger for Spence without this fight. But now there will also be a temporary belt at stake. The organization decided to “split” the championship. I contacted the president of the organization directly. He explained that he really did not want to do this, but he had to, since they had previously agreed with the WBC that Spence would first fight their mandatory challenger, Keith Thurman.

This is not the only loophole for Spence to avoid the IBF mandatory challenger. Ennis the father is not happy with this decision. He believes that “the whole point is that the organizations agreed on this before I approached them. But I don’t think I should have applied. The IBF should have taken care of that. I guess they just got ahead of themselves. In any case, after this fight, Spence should fight Ennis or give up the IBF belt. He should face Jaron in the next 120 days after the Thurman fight.”

Spence does not plan to stay in the division, he wants to continue his career in the junior middleweight division. Derek Ennis believes Errol’s only chance to get Crawford to fight is to make him next.

Recall that this month Spence again got into a serious accident, posted a terrible video. He later stated that new injuries were delaying his return to the ring. And the owner of the WBA Super, WBC and IBF belts refused to fight Pacquiao – I’m sure that the public will not appreciate it.