Spence stronger than Crawford – ex-coach Golovkin


Mexican mentor Abel Sanchez, who previously successfully collaborated with Kazakh Gennady Golovkin, considers unified American welterweight champion Errol Spence (28-0, 22 KOs) a clear favorite in a potential unification fight with compatriot Terence Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs).

“I think Spence will win,”
He speaks Sanchez. – I’m still on it Olympic Games noticed. I decided then that he had excellent chances to become a professional champion. And I was not mistaken. I always considered him a special fighter. And his young coach (Derrick James) was considered potentially very strong. They both proved me right. I am very glad that Errol is successful in profiring. And he was very saddened when he heard about how he got into an accident. It seems to me that his talent and size will be enough to beat Crawford.

“What do I not like about Terence? Sanchez thought. I think he plays too rarely. Although … This applies to both. But in any case, Spence has less “mileage”. Therefore, he must win. No, don’t wait too long. But I think he can do it confidently by controlling the distance. His jab can be a fundamental factor in victory. Regardless of what stance Crawford will work in. I think Spence can easily handle this (changing stances).”

“Surprised by your opinion? Sanchez is happy. – Well, that’s the beauty of boxing, that everyone has their own opinion. The main thing is to be consistent, and not shout after the fight: “Oh! I said so” (laughs). I think Spence is stronger than Crawford at this point in his career. And Terence is smaller. I do give him credit though. Amazing talent. I think Spence will win and move up in weight. Yes, it’s a classic. A good big fighter against a good little one. I also think that Errol is a more spiritual guy. For me, Crawford is often too passive. And Errol uses it in battle.”

Earlier there were rumors that the parties agreed on a duel in November, but according to the latest behind-the-scenes data, it is more likely that the deal will not take place and there will be no fight.

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