Spence, Chukhadzhyan, Thurman, Stanyonis – Ennis’s father about his son’s title plans


January 7 in the US will determine the interim IBF welterweight champion. Local favorite and top prospect Jaron Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs) will face Ukrainian Karen Chukhadzhyan (21-1, 11 KOs).

Father coach Derek Ennis
told about his son’s plans: “Why Chukhadzhyan? Because he has the 4th place in the IBF ranking. We don’t consider this a title fight. It’s an eliminator, although Jaron is already the mandatory challenger for champion Errol Spence. Immediately after that, he will have to defend or release the belt. He will have only 4 months to make a decision. It all happened thanks to my request to the IBF.”

Father Ennis claims they “wanted Keith Thurman. But he asked for 10 million USD for the fight. No, this is not a joke. As far as I understand, Keith will fight Errol, because this fight was approved by the WBC, although we earned our candidate status earlier. Our priorities? I already spoke before. We need titles. Therefore, we are interested in all the top names. And with Spence, I’m sure we’ll meet in any case. If not at welterweight, then at junior middleweight. We don’t care. The main thing is that he had a title. Without a title, we are not interested in him.”

Yesterday, Jaron Ennis spoke about Chukhadzhan and has already looked behind him. And the Ukrainian told about his training: There is no light and water in the hall because of the Russian Federation.