Shara Bullet addressed Israel Adesanya

Shara Bullet addressed Israel Adesanya

Famous Russian fighter Sharabutdin Magomedov, who plans to debut in the UFC before the end of this year, pays tribute to Israel Adesanya, who knocked out Alex Pereira over the weekend and regained the UFC middleweight title, but is confident that he will be able to overthrow the Nigerian from his throne.

“It seems to me that it was Adesanya’s homemade preparation,” Shara Bullet told Shara Bullet in an interview. Vadim Tikhomirov. “He deliberately waited for the moment for Pereira to throw a left hook, take it to the defense, and answer with his right”

“I fought once with his sparring partner and friend, Mike Mateta, he also fights in the UFC now. They have a similar style and I know how to fight Adesanya. He has a difficult style, he fights gracefully, like he’s from another dimension, he moves dexterously, but I know a style that I can match with him.

“He’s a good striker and they didn’t risk working with him because he’s head and shoulders above everyone in the stand. My wrestling is also better than that of Adesanya and Pereira. I wish Adesanya to keep this belt as long as possible until I come for his head. With proper preparation and proper approach, I have every opportunity to finish it”

Note that before the fight between Pereira and Adesanya, the Russian said that he would root for the Brazilian, but suggested that the Nigerian would win the rematch.