Sexy Bridges defended the title for the first time, won ahead of schedule – video


First Direct Arena, Leeds, England. IBF champion in the bantamweight (up to 53.5 kg) sexy Australian Ebany Bridges (9-1, 4 KOs) beat the mandatory contender compatriot
Shannon O’Connell (23-7-1, 11 KOs).

The challenger started the fight well and even slightly shocked the champion shortly before the gong. She moves more easily and has a speed advantage. Bridges is still thinking about what to offer her in return. She is trying to impose power boxing, inflated the density of the fight, and thanks to this she leveled the course of the fight.

Blimey! Bridges successfully countered and dropped O’Connell in the 3rd round. Ebany has finally found her distance and is leaning on her power advantage. Bright swinger. The challenger did not move away from the missed blow, but the gong sounded.

#BridgesOConnell is brutal!

— Ben Damon (@ben_damon) December 10, 2022

O’Connell missed in the 4th three minutes. But she, too, is not a gift – she boldly responds with blows for blows. The ladies forgot about protection and knead each other hard. The pressure from Bridges is very good. To them, she greatly compensates for the lack of supplied equipment.

Both are clearly tired already to the equator. But the fight is under the control of the champion – she is simply more powerful in these exchanges (although theoretically she can miss a meeting – she riskily collapses behind the right straight). O’Connell’s face is bruised and bruised. Bridges has very heavy fists. It is not clear how the applicant withstands these blows.

This is victory. In the 8th round, the referee intervened and stopped the fight. The champion simply beat her opponent. What a chic mahach!

AND STILL @EbanieBridges @DAZNBoxing #BridgesOConnell #WarringtonLopez

— Matchroom Boxing (@MatchroomBoxing) December 10, 2022

Bridges TKO 8.

Local middleweight prospect (up to 72.6 kg) Felix Cash (16-0, 10 KOs) got drunk with some
Celso Neves (9-3-2, 2 KOs) from Portugal.

Cash bet on an early knockout and was close to an early victory in the opening round. Did not work out.

The favorite did not calculate the strength. Already by the 3rd round, he was forced to get involved in power boxing at close range and picked up blows – Neves broke Cash’s nose, inflicted several unpleasant cuts.

The Briton moved to work as number two. He missed, but much less, sometimes he combined well. Cash brought the matter to victory (77-75). The second in a row indistinct performance.

PTS 8 cache.