Sergey Pavlovich can insure the fight between John Jones and Cyril Gan

Sergey Pavlovich can insure the fight between John Jones and Cyril Gan

Under certain circumstances, the third number in the UFC heavyweight rating, Sergey Pavlovich, can fight for the championship belt in less than a month.

According to the manager of the Russian, Rizvan Magomedov, there is a possibility that his ward will insure the fight for the vacant UFC heavyweight championship between Jon Jones and Cyril Gan, who is due to head the UFC 285 tournament in Las Vegas on March 4.

“Yes, there is such an opportunity,” Magomedov said in an interview with the channel Sport24. “We’ll see soon”

If the Russian puncher does not have to insure the title fight, in April he will meet with the American Curtis Blades, who occupies the fourth line in the division.

“Originally, we wanted the fight to take place at UFC 285, but it was postponed to April. The date is already there. Serega is constantly working on himself. You yourself saw that from fight to fight he is getting better and better, and his wrestling is absolutely not lame. And Curtis Blades, we’ve already seen that with all his wrestling skills, he can be sent to sleep too.”

According to Magomedov, the fight with the American will have a candidate status.

“If the winner of the Jones-Gun fight is ready to defend the title by the end of the year, then most likely we will see Seryoga fight for the title before the end of the year”

Sergei Pavlovich, 30, is on an impressive five-fight streak in the UFC, knocking out Australian Tai Tuivasa in less than a minute in his last fight.