Sergey Pavlovich and Curtis Blades: words before the fight

Sergey Pavlovich and Curtis Blades: words before the fight

Potential heavyweight contenders Sergei Pavlovich and Curtis Blades have shared their thoughts on the upcoming matchup that will headline UFC Fight Night 222 in Las Vegas on April 22.

Curtis Blades:

“I don’t think math works in MMA, but I saw Pavlovic fight Overeem and yes, it gives me confidence that if Alistair could translate it, I can definitely do it. The small cage gives more room for exchanges, but if I use footwork it won’t be a problem. His previous rivals stood in front of him and played his game, but I will keep moving and will not become a stationary target.

“The struggle that I have is a problem for anyone. If you don’t think so, then you don’t fully understand MMA. My ability to switch the fight from standing to ground at any moment puts a lot of psychological pressure on my opponents who have to think about it. Even if I don’t translate, they know the possibility exists and keep it in mind, and I use it.”

“I will beat Sergey and I will wait for the title fight. It doesn’t matter who gets the title, John or Stipe, or they both leave. Even if they bring Brock Lesnar back, I’ll be waiting.”

Sergei Pavlovich:

“The fight will be very spectacular, it will be a real show, because two fighters will come out who want to win, and no one is going to give in to anyone. Who will watch the fight – a great show is waiting for you”

“Blades says I don’t have takedown defense. There will be a fight – let’s see if he can transfer me or not. I’m ready for anything he has to offer me. As for the duel with Overeem, I lost it due to acclimatization. After that, I realized that I need to arrive earlier in order to undergo acclimatization”