Sergei Pavlovich: “There will be real wars with Jones and Miocic”

Sergei Pavlovich:

Having won an early victory in a potential challenger matchup with American Curtis Blades, Russian heavyweight Sergey Pavlovich summed up the fight and shared his future plans.

“I counted on all five rounds, I was ready for a five-round fight, but I hit, there was an opportunity to finish ahead of schedule, and I decided to take advantage of this,” Pavlovich said at a press conference after the UFC Fight Night 222 tournament. hit, but did not force events, decided to move, breathe. I felt that I could do it. I liked that he also hit, answered, and I thought – well, let’s fight!

The Russian, who knocked out his opponent in the first round for the sixth time in a row, is confident that he did enough to get a title shot and face the winner of the championship fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Mioicic, who are scheduled to fight in the fall.

“I’ll have a rest, eat, sleep, once again I’ll rest – we’ll wait. I don’t care which one I fight. I estimate the chances of each as 50/50. None of them are easy opponents – with each of them I will have real wars, so I will need to prepare and give myself completely. ”

According to the UFC plan, a title fight between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic in November will headline the traditional annual event in New York.