Sean Strickland called Shara Bullet’s record a blown record

Reigning UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland shared his opinion on the upcoming debut of undefeated Sharabutdin Magomedov, who is set to share the octagon with former M-1 champion Bruno Silva.

“Let me explain something to you – you may not know this,” the American said in a video posted on his Youtube channel. “When the UFC signs a guy undefeated, we fighters look at his record, who he’s beaten, and some of these Russians can really fight, but a lot of them have blown records like my recent opponent Abus

“The difference between the two is that Bruno Silva is fire tested and Shara Magomedov has been bagging punches all his life and I don’t know how he will prove himself in a fight with the mean tough Brazilian. I don’t think Bruno is one of the best, but he fights like he’s ready to die and his opponent has to either have Khabib’s level of grappling or be a very technical puncher”

As a reminder, a middleweight bout between “Shara Bullet” and Bruno Silva will open the early preliminary card of UFC 294, which kicks off in a few hours in Abu Dhabi.