Sean Strickland beat up streamer, Jake Paul challenges former UFC champion

Another “educational” sparring session involving Sean Strickland has angered blogger Jake Paul, who offered one million dollars to the former UFC champion if he would risk getting in the ring with him.

Earlier, a video surfaced online of Strickland destroying scandal-plagued streamer Snicko in the cage, who decided to test his boxing skills against one of the best middleweights in the world.

The former UFC champion let his opponent work for a few minutes, taking punches from him, and then gave him a showy beating by smashing the streamer’s nose.

“Sean Strickland, you embarrassed yourself trying to stop Snicko like that,” Paul wrote on social media. “You tried your best but you couldn’t even drop a man with no experience. You’re a terrible boxer who only bullies inexperienced people. I’ll fly to you and we can fight on camera. If you win, I’ll give you one million dollars, but if you fall, you’ll get a tattoo of my bookie. But I’m sure you’ll find a way to escape.”

It didn’t take long for the former UFC champion to respond.

“You lost to a non-professional boxer, don’t forget that,” Strickland responded. “You’re boxing small retired old MMA fighters, and you’re selling sweet water to kids. If it was legal, I’d take your life with a smile on my face. Is there any place on this earth where I can finish him off and walk away in peace?”

“I’ll offer you a better deal, Jake, because money can’t buy happiness – you’ve got plenty of it, but you’re still an asshole. No cameras, you and me in the desert. I’d be happy. No social media, no likes, no games. Just you is all I need.”

Last month, Sean Strickland lost his UFC middleweight championship belt to South African Dricus Du Plessis by controversial split decision, and Jake Paul picked up his eighth professional boxing victory in December with a first-round knockout of Andre Augustus.