Sean Strickland and Nassurdin Imavov: words before the fight

Sean Strickland and Nassurdin Imavov: words before the fight

Top UFC middleweights Sean Strickland and Nassurdin Imavov shared their thoughts on the upcoming bout, which will headline UFC Fight Night 217 on January 14 in Las Vegas.

Sean Strickland:

“I don’t even know how to pronounce his name. Let’s call him French. And if there’s one thing we know about the French, it’s that they’re the best at giving up. I haven’t really watched his fights, but I know he loves to get hacked. I know he likes to trade blows, but he’s still a freaking frenchie. If you’re French, it’s hard for you to get away from your cowardly history.”

“I don’t know, maybe he is going to make some kind of statement. Maybe he wants to prove that the cowardly history of his country is behind him. The only thing the French are masters of is the ability to have an affair, give up and lose fights. But we’ll make it clear. Suddenly it turns out that he is different.”

Nassurdin Imavov:

“What does he do better than Gastelum? Fluttering tongue. His long tongue and the words he speaks are his only danger, that’s all. I heard what he said to you here, and it only inspires me. Let’s do it!”

“I was a little upset when Gastelum was out, but when I win this fight, I will go up a few steps at once. I will be higher in the ranking than for the victory over Gastelum, and for that I am grateful to Sean “

Recall that Sean Strickland took the fight with Nassurdin Imavov on short notice, replacing the injured Kevin Gastelum, in connection with which the fight will take place not in the middle, but in the light heavyweight category.