Sean O’Malley’s coach is outraged by Petr Yan’s action

Sean O’Malley’s coach and friend, Tim Welch, was unhappy with the behavior of Petr Yan and his team after he was insulted when he tried to shake the Russian’s hand.

The American specialist spoke about the incident that occurred after the UFC 299 tournament in Miami in an interview with James Lynch.

“I approached them backstage, but his team was standing there with the intention of starting something,” Welch revealed. “I just walked up to shake Peter’s hand because I have a lot of respect for him, he’s a real beast and I’ve been a fan for a long time, but he refused to shake my hand.”

“Instead he and his team started saying all sorts of de***ing things and I started responding to them and one of his coaches said, ‘coach against coach’, to which I just laughed and he got pissed off. Then I said, ‘you didn’t even win that fight’, but I didn’t just do that – I was trying to show respect and shake his hand, but instead they just made a conflict out of nothing.”

In the main event of the event, Sean O’Malley successfully defended his UFC flyweight championship belt by defeating Marlon Vera by unanimous decision, and Peter Yan successfully resumed his career after a one-year hiatus by winning a unanimous decision over Song Yadong.