Sean O’Malley named the winner of the Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury fight

One of the UFC’s top punchers, Sean O’Malley, doesn’t think the referee’s verdict in the boxing match between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury, in which the reigning world heavyweight boxing champion won by split decision, was controversial.

“Personally, I was rooting for Tyson because I love the show,” the reigning UFC lightweight champion said on another edition of his podcast. “I may have been a little biased initially because I like him.”

“I think he won the fight. Obviously he got dropped and I probably need to review the fight, but I think he just outboxed Francis. There was one round at 10-8 that Fury lost, but I think he won most of the rest of the rounds.”

According to the American fighter, he was not surprised that the Cameroonian was able to give a competitive fight to the Brit.

“He’s big and hits hard with both hands. He can knock out with a punch from either hand and that’s what you have to do in boxing. I didn’t think he would look bad. He’s had months to prepare for this fight and he’s a professional athlete, naturally gifted one hundred percent”