Sean O’Malley gave his prediction for the fight with Merab Dvalishvili

Reigning UFC flyweight champion Sean O’Malley has revealed that he will give Merab Dvalishvili a shot after he defends his title against Marlon Vera.

“Guys, I just re-watched the Henry and Merab fight for the first time and here are my thoughts on it,” the American said in a video posted on his Youtube channel. “I’ll start here: originally I called out Elijah, I wanted the fight with him, he made me excited about it, but I thought the fans would be excited about it too. Instead I got a lot of complaints about me avoiding Merab, that he should be next. And I’m telling you – I’ll take Merab out.”

“After I reviewed the Henry and Aljo fight, I told you that I would knockout Aljo and you all said it would never happen, that he would transfer me and finish me. And here we are again. Obviously I have to get past Cheeto, but I’ll tell you guys – if I fight Merab, when I fight Merab, I’m gonna knock that dude out. He’s sloppy, and I’m accurate. I’m too fast, I’m too sharp, and I’ll turn Merab’s lights out even worse than Aljo. Aljo got off with a light technical knockout, and I’m going to put Merab to bed with his nose right at the same time”

Merab Dvalishvili won a potential contender’s bout a week ago, winning a unanimous decision over Henry Sejudo, and a flyweight title fight between Sean O’Malley and Marlon Vera will headline UFC 299 in Miami on March 9.