Sean O’Malley approves UFC President’s action

UFC bantamweight division number one Sean O’Malley believes the wife of the UFC president deserved a slap in the face after publicly punching her husband at a New Year’s Eve party in Mexico.

“It happened on New Year’s Day, but the video didn’t come out until Monday, although usually TMZ posts such things instantly,” the American said in the next episode of his YouTube podcast. “It was immediately published with an apology, and I think Dana looked sincere and said everything he had to say. God, alcohol is not to be trifled with. There are two things that should not be mixed – alcohol and women”

“I felt sorry for Dana. His wife hit him – it was rude and deserved a reciprocal slap in the face. It’s simple – treat people the way you want to be treated. Would he act so sober? No. I guess if he was sober, he wouldn’t have reacted like that. When I got drunk, I never hit girls, but I did things that I didn’t remember later and couldn’t believe that I was doing it. ”

On Tuesday, TMZ posted a mobile phone camera video showing the wife of the UFC president slapping him and he hitting her back several times before they were separated.

Following the release of the video, Dana White and Anna White made public statements saying that excessive drinking was the cause of the conflict and that they apologized to each other.