Sanchez was asked about whether he is ready to work with Golovkin again


Mentor Abel Sanchez claims he would not return to work with his star ex-Kazakh player Gennady Golovkin (42-2-1, 37 KOs). It is hard to believe, because in the course of the interview, the age coach contradicted himself more than once.

“Am I interested in working with Golovkin? Actually, no –
He speaks Sanchez and immediately begins to play up. “I think it would be an insult on my part. Because in that case, I would be insulting Golovkin’s current coach, Jonathon Banks. It would be a different matter if it was initiated by Golovkin himself or if someone from his team passed it on with Golovkin’s approval. And so, I will never offer my services. That would be an insult to Banks.”

Over the weekend, Golovkin unsuccessfully tried to take the title of undisputed super middleweight champion from Mexican antagonist Saul Alvarez (58-2-2, 37 KOs). Sanchez thinks it was more like friendly sparring.

Sanchez continues to quibble during the interview: “You can’t blame Banks for everything. Fighters reach a certain level, and work with them becomes different. We, as coaches, can only suggest. And I am a different kind of mentor. I am very demanding. I think Jonathon did what he felt was right. He received instruction in the camp from Golovkin. It seems to me that there should be a trainer in the corner that matches the boxing style of the ward. And Gennady has four people in the corner who have never been successful with anyone. They learn from Golovkin like a guinea pig. Don’t you think that this is not very fair in relation to Gennady?

Sanchez thinks it’s time for Golovkin to retire. Or take an honest look at yourself from the outside and change something. After all, it is obvious that if a new tactic does not bear fruit, then it must be abandoned. No, perhaps I would be the last person in the world who would advise him to hang up his gloves on a nail.

In the meantime, Golovkin was picked up by the next opponent – fight or drive the title. We talked about all the variants of the veteran in the article Golovkin after Alvarez: 8 opponents for GGG.