“Same as Muhammad Ali.” The editor-in-chief of The Ring presented the title to Usyk


Editor-in-chief of the oldest boxing magazine The Ring Magazine Doug Fisher in one of the American boxing gyms
presented the belt edition to the Ukrainian unified heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs).

Recall that this belt was at stake in Usyk’s rematch against Briton Anthony Joshua, which took place on August 20 and ended with Oleksandr’s second victory on points. This became possible after its previous owner, WBC champion Briton Tyson Fury, announced his retirement.

Fischer presented the title and expressed his thoughts about the Ukrainian champion.

– This is a special presentation of The Ring magazine’s heavyweight title, which was won by this man – Oleksandr Usyk, who defeated Anthony Joshua by split decision. This win wasn’t supposed to be a split decision, but you did the job. You are someone who has been on The Ring magazine’s radar since the beginning of your professional career. Because in your first 4 or 5 fights you fought contenders. You’ve become a heavyweight contender. You made it known that in your career you want to emulate, equal or even surpass what the great did Evander Holyfield.

We know that Evander Holyfield won his first title in 12 fights. Alexander won his first heavyweight title in 10 fights. You have moved the bar higher. You really want to be great. Evander Holyfield became the undisputed heavyweight champion in 18 fights, then he moved to heavyweight, where he became the undisputed champion in 25 fights. You became the undisputed heavyweight champion in 15 fights, after which you moved up to heavyweight and became the unified heavyweight champion in 19 fights. Now your record is 20-0 and in the twentieth fight you added The Ring title to your achievements. Therefore, congratulations [жмёт руку Усику]. It’s nice and it’s an honor to be with you. I’m not lying, I’m not kidding, I want to say that you are my favorite elite heavyweight and you are the only one who followed my Twitter [Усик смеётся]. You are a cool guy.

— My son loves this belt.

– Why is that? Why do you think that many people and especially children like this belt?

– I dont know. Because he is handsome. And this belt is given by people, not by associations. People who choose the best athlete. Because of this, I think he is the best.

– True truth. And we don’t take money from you [смеются]. I like you. You are smart and understand.

This is your third The Ring title. You won your first title when you became the undisputed heavyweight champion. In 2018, you became the fighter of the year and received the title for it. Let’s see what the third title looks like with you. Try on. [Усик берёт титул, вешает на плечо] That’s how the champion holds it [фотографируются вместе]. And he says he wants to bring peace to the planet. Muhammad Ali was more than a boxer and athlete, he cared about real world problems. Oleksandr Usyk is the same. And they were born on the same day. It says something. Ali also had three The Ring belts.

– Thanks.

– Thank you. Great respect.

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