Sam Alvey announces UFC will let him finish contract amid slump


The UFC is giving Sam Alvey one more shot.

Alvey announced Monday on YouTube that the UFC has agreed to allow him to fulfill the one remaining fight on his contract despite his 0-7-1 slump dating back to September 2018.

A veteran in the 185-pound and 205-pound divisions, Alvey said he spoke to officials this past week and expected the conversation to end with a pink slip.

“We knew what they’re calling for, they’ve got to cut me,” Alvey said. “There’d be no hard feelings toward them if they did. Since I haven’t won for quite some time, I have been imagining this coming since a long time. I have had some really great fights, but I lost.

Alvey spoke glowingly of his relationship with the UFC and said the feeling has been mutual during his time with the promotion, which officially began in August 2014 (Alvey was a cast member on The Ultimate Fighter 16 in 2012, but was not signed off of that show).

Alvey nearly leapt from his chair after he was informed that he would need to fight at least once more for promotion.

“‘ Everyone who works at the UFC has enjoyed you guys. Alvey said that the official told him, “Anytime you are anywhere, any time we have had to deal with you, your answer to all fights is yes, and you do it, fighting to your hearts content.” “‘You’ve taken some fights on short notice that you probably shouldn’t have, but you are always game, you’ve never said no. Then you show up and you’re happy to be there, you treat everyone well. We’ve decided that we’re going to let you fight out your contract.’

“I’m not cut! The UFC will give me at least one additional fight. The UFC did not cut my contract. Me? I am freaking out, but trying to hold it all together over the phone. I was able to shout out a thank you. ‘Thank you.'”

Alvey added that the UFC has always been good to him and that during his 23-fight run with the promotion, his pay has gone up “significantly” with each contract.

In his most recent outing at UFC Vegas 47, Alvey lost by second-round submission to late replacement Brendan Allen. It was the third straight loss for Alvey, a streak that follows a draw that was preceded by a four-fight losing streak. The eight UFC appearances he made without any wins tied a promotional record shared with B.J., the former champion of two divisions. Penn.

Alvey has heard all of the criticism and regardless of whether his next fight truly turns out to be his last UFC outing, he sees brighter days ahead.

” I hate to say it loudly, but the internet love telling me that ‘Sam Alvey’ hasn’t lost a fight for four years. You’ve tied B.J. You tied B.J. “I just saw a post, it’s like, 1300 days since I’d won a fight or something like that. I don’t want to say that it’s heartbreaking and it’s just terrible and I can’t believe the internet would turn on me like that, but it is what it is.

“I understand this is a sport that you have to remain one of the best or you do not remain and that’s the way it is. Although it’s hard to live, you are only as good or as successful as the last victory. I’ve lost two fights and was actually victorious in them. Marc Goddard was a bad stopper in that fight. I hope I can rebound. It’s a lot of missed shots, but hopefully I’m on a rebound.”