Ryan Spann’s emotional reaction to UFC Vegas 70 cancellation with Nikita Kralov


Ryan Spann was rightfully emotional when he found out that his main event bout with Nikita Krylov was cancelled.

As Saturday’s UFC Vegas 70 main card began, Krylov was informed that he had a food-borne disease and his fight against Spann had to be cancelled. Spann responded to the news with a media scrum.

“Yeah I had one [word]: f ***,” Spann said to reporters (video courtesy MMA Mania). “I was peeing [when I found out]. My [the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency] coach was with me. He stormed in shouting at me and he, [UFC Chief Business Officer] Hunt [Campbell],, and [UFC Matchmaker] [Shelby] let me know I wouldn’t be able fight .”


Spann had entered the bout on a two-fight finishing streak, and with the light heavyweight division in a weird place, a victory on Saturday could given him a No. 1 contender bout later in the year.

Now, “Superman” will have to wait to see what is next. He chuckled as he spoke about the help he received from Fortis MMA and his coach.

“I wouldn’t call it a wasted camp, because we weren’t training for this specific fight,” Spann said. “We were in champ camp. We had planned to return to work on Monday, but that didn’t happen. So I suppose we will have to make this our reality.

“The disappointment comes from me not being able to show off some of the s*** that we’ve been doing. My team invested a lot of time in me, and I wanted to be able to pay them back with a beautiful performance.”

Spann also said he got the chance to speak with Krylov at the UFC APEX to make it clear that his anger about the situation was about not being able to fight – not at Krylov specifically.

” I went to him to let him know — I did a lot cussing, fussing, but it was nothing to do about him,” Spann said. “S*** happens, it’s just…f***.

” My coach, that’s what he does best so I’ll leave it up to him.” That’s his specialty so that I can leave it up to him .”