Ryan Garcia promises to teach Sean O’Malley a lesson

Former interim WBC lightweight boxing world champion Ryan Garcia commented on the statement made by the new UFC lightweight champion, Sean O’Malley, who after defeating Aljamain Sterling promised to knock out undefeated Jerwonta Davis in the ring.

“Shawn, you’re good but you better stop talking about what you’re going to box,” Garcia wrote on social media. “You’re just going to get knocked out.”

The UFC champion didn’t let the remark go unchallenged, reminding Garcia that he suffered the first loss of his professional career in his previous fight, losing to Davis by knockout in the seventh round after missing a liver kick.

“Will I be knocked out like you or something else?” – parried O’Malley.

Garcia responded by making it clear that he was willing to personally test O’Malley’s boxing skills.

“Boxing and MMA are two different sports and if you need to be reminded of that, let me know. I’d love to warm up before I return,” the boxer wrote.

As a reminder, the lightweight title fight headlining the UFC 292 event in Boston ended in an early victory for O’Malley, who stunned Sterling with a right jab early in the second round before finishing the champion in the parterre.