Russia’s Irina Alexeeva will walk out with a flag at the next UFC tournament

With the ban on flag displays lifted, UFC Fight Night 230 participant Irina Alexeeva could become the first Russian to step into the octagon with the national tricolor, and the recent debutant in the world’s strongest league isn’t about to give up that opportunity.

According to Alexeeva, along with the Russian flag, she plans to fly the flag of Kazakhstan, the country where she was born and achieved her first sporting successes.

“Yes, the Russian flag was brought to me right to the airplane,” “Russian Ronda” said in an interview with the channel “Ushataika”. “I also want to come out with the flag of Kazakhstan – the country where I was born and grew up until my junior period. I have all my relatives on my mother’s side living there, who are no less rooting for me, all my classmates, teachers, neighbors in the village. Kazakhstan is the place where I was born and grew up, and Russia is the country that put me on my feet”

At the same time, Alexeyeva is prepared for the public in Las Vegas to react aggressively to the Russian flag.

“If they throw something, I will go and clean their face, one hundred percent. I’m very hot-tempered, I start half-turned.”

Irina Alexeeva, 33, made a successful UFC debut in April, finishing Stephanie Egger of Switzerland with a knee lever in the first round, and her next opponent will be Melissa Dixon of England.