“Russian sledgehammer” Kudryashov knocked out MMA fighter Vagabov: video


Irina Viner-Usmanova Gymnastics Palace, Moscow, Russia. In the main event of the show Pravda Old School Boxing it seems like an official fight in the heavyweight limit (over 90.7 kg) was held by local boxer Dmitry Kudryashov (25-5, 24 KOs) and occasionally an MMA boxing fighter, AMC Fight Nights champion Vagab Vagabov (3-1, 1 KOs).

Vagabov suddenly attacked the opponent without reconnaissance and even brought his fist to the target. Kudryashov hid behind a block, countered and seated his opponent on the ass with a left counterhook. Vagab got to his feet, but immediately yawned with his right hand over his hand – we have a second fall. It looks like that’s it.

Finished in 60 seconds! Well done!

“The Russian Hammer” Dmitry Kudryashov (25-5, 24 KO’s) destroys MMA star Vagab Vagabov (3-1) inside a minute, scoring two knockdowns for a KO-1 victory in their heavyweight main event in Moscow. Here is the full bout. pic.twitter.com/utDt39A0JN

— Tim Boxeo (@TimBoxeo) June 11, 2022

Kudryashov TKO 1.